Know Everything about Zodiac Sign Virgo Personality, Traits and Characteristics


Zodiac Sign Virgo Traits and Characteristics

Date range: August 23 to September 22
Quote: ‘I Analyze’
Health: Intestines, Abdomen, Female Reproductive System
Characteristics: Modest, Analytical, Perfectionist, Observant, Precise

Know All About Zodiac Sign Virgo

Zodiac Sign Virgo
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Virgo, a nurse rushes back and forth trying to make sure her patients are taken care of. She constantly worries that her case notes are not precise enough as she tries to make sure all her patients are comfortable. She stays at work late talking to her patients as she catches up on her paperwork. Everyone else has already left for home hours ago. A man worries that he forgot to lock his front door. There is nothing he can do because he is already at work. Reluctantly, he thinks about it all day long.

He continues to go over it in his head, analyzing each step he made until he is mentally exhausted. Is it an obsession? Maybe. This is Virgo.

Individuals with the Sun in Virgo were born sometime between the dates of August 22 through September 21. Virgos are a Mutable sign, which means that they are easygoing, adaptable, changeable, and team players. It is easy for them to change direction at the last minute and adapt to new information. They are not affected as much by chance as their fellow fixed signs.

Virgo is known as the Virgin or the female archetype of purity and innocence. Many Virgos are known to be quite prudish and shy when it comes to sexual matters. If the right person comes along, they can be just as passionate as an Aries. It is often an Aries that is capable of pulling a Virgo out of that extreme shyness. The bluntness and passion of Aries can force a Virgo to reveal that still waters run deep.

They are caring and are the caretakers of those less fortunate. Sometimes they can be found working as a social worker with abused children or calculating accounting numbers for a non-profit agency. Whatever form this takes does not matter. The only thing that matters is that Virgo serves someone or something bigger than themselves. They are destined to help others and take care of people in some capacity. They are naturally drawn to this because they are seeking to perfect the world and make it a better place. In the meantime, they can perfect themselves.

Virgo is ruled by the element of Earth. Earth signs are known to be practical, reliable, stable, and structured. At first glance, Virgos might appear boring. Many astrology books make Virgo sound dull, irrational and obsessed with details. Once you truly get to know a Virgo you will see the heart of a servant. Virgo is willing to do anything for those in need. Why do Virgos want to help? They want to “perfect” themselves as well as the entire world. Serving others helps them feel that they are making a difference in people’s lives.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which symbolically represents communication and intellect. Most Virgos are known for their intelligence and for their ability to express themselves through oral and written communication. The downfall of being ruled by Mercury is that they can obsess over every detail in their lives. They are meticulous and detail-oriented and therefore make excellent editors. Their fine ability to zone into the misspelt word that everyone else had missed can be a blessing and a curse. This radar vision for minute details can hurt them, especially when they ignore the bigger picture. Looking at the entire situation or picture is sometimes difficult for them because they naturally prefer to focus in on a few things at a time.

Virgo’s keyword is “I Analyze”

Other personality traits of Virgo include being shy, communicative, helpful, modest, analytical, critical, perfectionist, efficient, hardworking, and detail-oriented. They love to be of service, helping others enables them to perfect some of the chaos they perceive in the world. Doing this makes them feel safer and more secure. Virgo will usually be found working behind the scenes, quietly, efficiently, and routinely. It all depends on where the Sun is placed. If you are a Virgo Zodiac Sign, you will express your main personality and identity in whichever house the sun falls. their energy might be expressed at home, if the Sun is in the 4th house, or it might emerge at work, forcing one to be more visible if it is in the 10th house. Virgos who feel they do not have these traits should research which house the Sun is in and will come to realize their true nature.

Virgo is one of the most perfectionist signs in the zodiac. They have high standards for themselves and for others. They can be very critical about mistakes, flaws or nuisances in the environment. I feel sorry for Virgo because they can not help this trait. Their energy is like super radar that zones in on all imperfections and all things that need to be fixed. This Zodiac Sign heart is in the right place because all they want to do is make things run more smoothly and help make the world a better place. Problems arise for them because most people ignore or do not care to make changes. Most people feel that “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” This mentality can send them screaming and lead them into mental chaos.

They love to analyze things. This trait might manifest in very different ways for each individual. Some might obsess over love and relationship issues, while others might focus all mental activity on organizing and being prepared at work. I am a Virgo and many times my obsessive and analytical nature manifests in the arena of love relationships. I will go over in my head a thousand times a situation and everything the person communicated, gestured and did. I drive my friends crazy with ten thousand questions or my worst flaw; repeating things over and over again. Sorry, but I can’t help it. Many Virgos out there will identify with the energy I am talking about here. I would make a safe bet more Virgos suffer from the obsessive-compulsive disorder than any other sign. This mainly occurs because of the Mercury energy but also because of other factors as well.

6th house in the Chart is ruled by Zodiac Sign Virgo

The 6th house in our chart is ruled by Virgo. This house represents health, routine, work and ritual. It is funny how many Virgos I have me who are hypochondriacs. Many will have a mental breakdown if they had to work in a hospital but on the other hand, many Virgos pursue careers as nurses, dieticians, and doctors. They are usually extremely interested and involved in the medical field or profoundly afraid of getting sick and being around any type of illness. It can manifest both ways. Virgos are hardworking and very hard on themselves when it comes to achievement and efficiency. They are the type of people who will do their work, your work, the bosses work and be content because they feel they are accomplishing something and serving a higher goal. This is the natural instinct for perfection which Virgo seeks.

People often judge Virgo wrongly by the first impression. Once you are around them and they begin to feel comfortable, that illusion of shyness and detachment melts away. They will begin to talk and discuss many issues with you. They will laugh as their eyes dart quickly back and forth surveying the room. They are very observant of the environment and sensitive to it as well. When it comes to Virgo, what you see is not always what you get.

Conclusion: Virgos enjoy achievement but are known for shyness and modesty. They do not usually like to be in the limelight.

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