Know Everything about Zodiac Sign Cancer Personality, Traits and Characteristics


Zodiac Sign Cancer Traits and Characteristics

Date range: June 21 to July 22
Quote: ‘I Feel’
Health: Breasts, Stomach, Digestive System
Characteristics: Caring, Motherly, Moody, Emotional, Protective, Imaginative, Intuitive, Possessive, Dependent, Clingy

Know All About Zodiac Sign Cancer

Zodiac Sign Cancer
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Cancer, a woman comforts her daughter as she cries. Her ultimate goal is to nurture and protect her loved one. She feels her daughter’s pain and wants to make everything better. A man is feeling insecure and feels that other people at work are going to criticize him. What does he do? A man is not supposed to show emotion, sensitivity or nurturing. Society says he must be tough, strong and not show weakness because he is a man. He pretends to be strong, tough, cold and puts on a hard shell just like a crab.

Inside he is soft but no one will know because of his tough exterior. This is Cancer.

Individuals with the Sun in Cancer were born sometime between the dates of June 21 through July 22. Cancer is a Cardinal sign, which means that they are initiators, idea makers and creators. It is easy for them to take control of the situation. Cancer is ruled by the element of water. Water signs are known for their emotional, nurturing, sensitive qualities. At first glance, they may appear secure, serious, and unemotional but once you get to know them you will realize they are extremely kind, caring and compassionate. They sense and feel things deeply.

Cancer is easy to connect with because they have a calm, soothing presence. Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The Moon has a very powerful effect on our emotions. It affects the tides of the ocean so of course, it will cause reactions in us. The human body is made up of mostly water; therefore the Moon is very powerful in our emotional lives. Wherever the Moon is located in our astrological chart is where we find our emotional security. It is where we will express our emotional nature, reactions, and responses. Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, they can become emotionally unstable. The Moon cycles and changes constantly. As a result, Cancer falls prey to these energies much more so than other signs. When the Moon is full most Cancer’s will feel depressed, sad, irritable and moody. They just can’t quite figure out what is wrong but if they begin to follow the cycles of the Moon then they will start to understand what is happening to them and gain more control of their reactions. My husband has a Cancer Moon and he becomes reclusive, solitary and totally detached during the Full Moon. He sinks into a deep depression and is very irritable. Each month I see this behaviour and each time I glance at the calendar and like magic, there is a Full Moon.

Cancer keyword is “I FEEL”

Other personality traits of Cancer include being sensitive, caring, protective, nurturing, materialistic. They enjoy cooking, cleaning, writing, reading, the arts and creative pursuits. The Mother can represent so many things to us but the goal of Cancer is to express the motherly traits not only to others in their lives but also to give that motherly energy to themselves. To learn to love themselves as well as others is a major lesson for them. To allow others to take care of them sometimes will be of benefit. If you are a Cancer Zodiac Sign, you will express your main personality and identity in whichever house the Sun falls. Your Cancer energy might be expressed in your intimate relationships if the Sun is in the 7th house; or; you may find that motherly energy in the 10th house and find yourself taking care of others that are in need in such fields as social work, counselling or the ministry. If you feel you do not have these traits, and you are a Cancer, research which house the Sun is in, and I believe you will come to realize your true nature.

Cancer loves to be alone and retreat from society into the comfort of their home. The 4th house in our chart is ruled by Cancer and represents our home, family and where we feel safe. The home is paramount to a Cancer and without a secure home base, they can not function in the world. They enjoy taking care of others and love animals. After all this mothering of others, the can eventually feel drained and need a break. This is when they feel the need to retreat and escape. Many will do this through reading, writing, and journaling. They will find that anything that helps them get in touch with their emotions and to recoup is therapeutic. Recovering and healing after intense emotional interactions is a must for Cancer. Once they feel refreshed then they are ready to go back out into society and heal others again.

Cancer Memory

Cancer has an excellent memory, especially for things in the past. They frequently reminisce about things, places, and people they have known. They are pack rats and like to create scrapbooks full of pictures and memories because it makes them feel those positive emotions again. A lot of Cancer’s live in the past and daydream about how things used to be. This helps them deal with stress and the real world. They have an amazing imagination and many find it easy to express this quality through writing, journaling and speaking. Many Cancer’s enjoy working with children. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that they love the innocence and neediness of children because it makes them feel needed and this draws the natural motherly instinct out of them. Secondly, they enjoy surrounding themselves with children because children are viewed as “safe”. Many Cancer individuals are very sensitive and they are afraid of getting hurt. They put a strong wall up to protect themselves and find it difficult to trust others. Inside they are soft, sensitive and caring but they are sometimes afraid to show this quality. They enjoy working with children because children are innocent, kind and accepting and are not as threatening as adults. Cancer does not like to feel vulnerable and they are afraid of trusting others with their heart. When they find someone they can trust and eventually open up to, then they will do anything for that person. They are very loyal to friends but usually only have a handful of close friendships.

Most love their mothers very much and would do anything for them. Some rely too much on their mother’s support and help much longer than they should. I have a friend who is a Cancer. She is 31 years old and still lives at home with her mother and experiences a lot of guilt about leaving. She tried to move out on her own several times but the bond between her and her mother is too strong to break. This can be a positive thing, but also it can interfere with a person’s ability to form adult relationships. My friend has never dated and will probably stay with her mother for the rest of her life. The mother in Cancer’s life can teach them a lot about life. If Cancer loses their mother at a young age, they may display all the opposite traits of Cancer because of the fear of being hurt. They may distrust others and doubt themselves. It is crucial that they learn to “mother” themselves in this situation and to nurture themselves. If they learn to do this, then they can overcome a lot of emotional struggles.

Conclusion: Cancer is known as the mother in the Zodiac. This is both symbolic and actual. The mother of Cancer will be extremely important for good or bad. Many Cancer’s can never break the bond or attachment to the mother figure and sometimes this is a detriment.

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