July Month Horoscope 2020 For All Zodiac Sign


Know your July Month Horoscope 2020. If you know your Moon and Ascendant sign then read these for a more complete overview.  

Your July Month Horoscope 2020

July Month Horoscope 2020
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ARIES July Month Horoscope

ARIES If you’re tempted by quick deals where “nothing can go wrong” during July then think again!

Your ruler Mars in Leo is loaded with fresh energy but his contact with Neptune says to keep all dealings above board and watch for deceit, especially on the 5th. Planets on the home front are in good shape; an investment with a family member on the 1st is great (real estate?), and liberation from old restrictions on the 7th. Venus in your connections sector till the 19th makes for a calmer approach than your usual ram-like self, so tell “them” you love them on the 10th, or if its business then softly will do the trick on the 14th. After 23rd Mars enters daily work/ health areas, so organize new regimes on both counts…Read More

TAURUS July Month Horoscope

TAURUS Venus in your “resources” zone till the 19th says wealth and worth are on your mind.

So watch the 6th when good sense may be challenged by a reckless moment…fine if you can afford it! On the 10th the “angels” bring a gift, and by the 14th un-resolved financial issues that have been simmering must be dealt with. But you may feel blocked or confused between home needs and career goals early month, and if your general energy levels are low just take care of yourself and work quietly, avoiding direct confrontations. “This too will pass grasshopper” and by the 27th a sweet alignment brings reward to all partnerships – business-wise you can trust an offer …personally you can bare your Soul in full trust…Read More

GEMINI July Month Horoscope

GEMINI As Mercury does his “retro” thing in July be aware that delays and “annoyances” to forward motion must be seen for what they are…timely constraint!

Watch your dollars carefully and don’t make any big moves. Venus in Gemini also says flexibility in all relationships is essential, and a work association may change very unexpectedly on the 6th …someone is being fickle or two-faced…make sure it isn’t you! Make like a lover and enjoy more compassionate vibes on the 10th, and get things out into the open on the 14th …manipulating a situation is what we do when we are frightened of speaking our truth. By month’s end, there are resolution and flow returns – you can make a progressive financial move on the 27th…Read More

CANCER July Month Horoscope

CANCER Wonderful news arrives July 1st – it’s something to do with your kids or an excellent offer that sets your creative juices flowing.

These are “lucky” stars to get your New Year birthdays off to a good start…so play lotto or whatever, but don’t make big financial commitments as things may not be as they appear on the 5th. Routines will feel tedious on the 7th as you’re ready for fresh experiences, so alter your perceptions and make like a rebel if necessary. For some, there’s international travel or a seminar to attend. The 11th’s full moon requires a tender touch to avoid relationship tensions. By late month a new moon joins Saturn to remind you that your financial future is in development stages…Read More

LEO July Month Horoscope

LEO The first week of July may not be the easiest of the year, but don’t be discouraged if the world feels overwhelming and you’d rather lie low.

The month before birthdays are a time of reflection and gestation…sort of like pregnancy just before birth. If you can’t turn the world off just avoid conflicts with lovers and business partners by turning confusion into inspiration. The upside offers heightened clarity and fantastic intuition…so trust it. Things improve by the 14th and beyond as Mars opens fresh creative doors and you’re at your inspirational best. There’s plenty of socializing and group activity with the chance for terrific networking. The 25th’s new moon in your sign ushers in a strategic new year…Read More

VIRGO July Month Horoscope

VIRGO Communication is the name of your game in July with a terrific combo of planets bringing together people and ideas an early month.

Seminars or any group situations fit the bill, with inventiveness and technology a feature of progress. But as your ruler Mercury is in retro phase all month don’t be dismayed if technology also frustrates the hell out of you…and as usual don’t sign documents if you don’t want to have to re-do it all again later. Release any worry and frustration quick smart, otherwise your health will reflect unresolved issues through your immune system running low. A cerebral creature that you are, remember that your intuitive/feeling right brain is just as important as your rational left!…Read More

LIBRA July Month Horoscope

LIBRA your career gets an excellent boost from Jupiter July 1st with both finances on the increase, and freedom to put your own stamp on the future.

But you have to be willing to step beyond the “highway of life” and beat a fresh track to take true advantage here…make like an explorer. Speaking of exploring your ruling Venus graces higher learning and travel areas till the 19th. She makes contact with Uranus on the 6th, thus innovating ideas at work may feature or you simply break a few rules; she’s idealistic and romantic on the 10th! And she’ll stand up for herself if she feels “controlled” on the 14th. Late month Venus brings goodies to career areas again, and you begin to re-define some friendships…Read More

SCORPIO July Month Horoscope

SCORPIO July brings horizon widening planets with a theme of knowledge and education along the way.

Holidays now need to contain a “purpose” rather than just lolling in the sand with a martini. Your kids also feature strongly and they too need freedom and progressive ideas. Change and progress is the issue so hanging onto old ideas and ruts just won’t work. Which brings me to career matters. July brought Mars to propel you forward but around the 5th there’s confusion. Make sure your actions don’t compromise other priorities and contain absolute honesty and integrity. By the 14th Mars and Pluto join forces to open your power and influence. From the 23rd you’re offered a promotion or you set a serious new goal…Read More

SAGITTARIUS July Month Horoscope

SAGITTARIUS Adventures in consciousness set the tone for July and this applies to both external and internal spaces.

Mars in the higher learning/teaching zone directs your energy to your favourite subject with all the inspiration you can muster, allowing for a low energy ebb on the 5th. Meanwhile, planets in “interior” zones offer closeness and nurture as your source warmth and purpose. Perhaps you can figure a way to combine the two! Your ruling Jupiter brings abundant psychic and spiritual growth until July and December brings an optimum phase in this process. He now turns direct after 4 months in retro motion. By later month direct focus toward another phase of organizing and fine-tuning career details…Read More

CAPRICORN July Month Horoscope

CAPRICORN You’ll feel a huge need to break out of the mould as July opens.

You must express yourself by doing something completely different and this isn’t about spending money! Join a group or go find some crazy people who offer stimulating conversation and ideas… or you will go stark raving!! Have some fun! Both Bizz and love relationships are in good shape…but again a fizz is needed to re-invigorate – step outside old reactive behaviours and be more objective…i.e. don’t take things sooooo personally. The Mars-Neptune opposition on the 5th hits your resources area so take care of deceptive influences. By later month Mars calls you to expand horizons mentally, spiritually and physically…i.e. trips of all kinds!…Read More

AQUARIUS July Month Horoscope

AQUARIUS Even though you’ll be working your buns off in July there are great times to be had as long as you keep that nervous system of yours under control…take lots of Magnesium!

The first week holds a mix of challenge and flows as you manage to keep many balls in the air with some excellent results in career areas. Attending to details and keeping your lists up to date will help enormously. Finances look good too. Empowerment moments include the 5th when you must set clear boundaries in partnerships, and the 14th when your charismatic words hold the key to empowering a group situation. From the 23rd life quietens somewhat as you take time to nurture yourself…and you’re nearest and dearest…Read More

PISCES July Month Horoscope

PISCES a yummy planetary combo brings optimism and a spirit of revival your way early July, which is just as well because some serious decisions are afoot regarding work and service areas.

How about combining both factors as your creative forces are in great shape…how can you apply your skills in a concrete way? The trick is to do something “old” in a totally new way, and to aid this Uranus offers an alert mind and a few lightning bolts to kick you in the wazzoo. Just watch the 5th when Mars brings inner frustrations to the surface. Which connects with your health not being crash-hot of late…if you block these impulses to action it makes you sick…get it?? Work areas do indeed get moving after the 23rd…Read More

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