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What is Energy: Source of Energy, Consciousness, Manifest

What is Energy? That we state that: “The Physical Universe incorporates two contemporary communication district, which scalar movement raises complex intelligent vigorous resounding vibration design the main constituents of noticeable molecules of issue, this would go against the grain of mainstream scientific understanding and common beliefs. But the ingenious 20th Century Engineer & Scientific Theorist […]

Spiritual Science: The Sources of Consciousness – HolyGautam

What is Spiritual Science? This Spiritual Science advances the case for re-unifying Spirituality with Science to facilitate a paradigm shift towards a more holistic 21st Century Science that aligns with humanity’s expanding consciousness and new knowledge that has emerged from many facets of leading-edge human endeavour over the past five decades, and more. A growing […]

Brief History Of Yoga – Yoga Basics

History of Yoga The following is a generalized history of yoga that focuses primarily upon its physical orientation; and I fully acknowledge that yoga’s actual history involves a complex spiritual evolution that has taken place over thousands of years. There is a more in-depth exploration of yoga’s spiritual development and components in subsequent pages. Throughout […]

Enlightenment, Realization of Oneness

Enlightenment Meaning Enlightenment Meaning has become a fuzzy word, so for the purpose of this article, let’s define it as the realization of Oneness. Not the knowledge nor mid-level understanding that “yes, we are all One; isn’t this wonderful” but the realization based on direct experiences. When you are enlightened, you know it as clearly, […]

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