About Holy Gautam

About HolyGautam
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Welcome to the Holy Gautam! There is a great intelligence ready to greet you! Awakening to my Higher Self has miraculously changed my life. The discovery that an all-knowing Spirit resides within me to guide me, has filled my life with joy and a deep sense of purpose. Today I receive internal messages of illumination and feelings beyond description from this soul connection. My Higher Self reveals to me my SOULutions. I have come to realize that I was born to awaken. Now that I have, I am inspired to awaken others. I have developed my intuitiveness, and so can you.

Anyone can benefit from receiving a spiritual makeover “life lift!” We can all learn to connect to the voice of Spirit within us. It is our Divine birthright. Your spiritual makeover is the process of opening your heart and learning to access the wisdom of your Higher Self. The awareness you receive from this process assists you to handle the issues of life better so you can live the life you were meant to live. Once you identify your Higher Self, you begin a reeducation journey of tuning in to receive your SOULutions.

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Makeovers are all the rage in the media today. They are featured on prime time television, in best selling books and every popular magazine. These makeovers have traditionally focused on our external, physical body and surroundings. By now, we have all seen what a “face-lift” can and cannot do. Now is the perfect time for an “uplift” into the next phase of this makeover phenomenon with a spiritual makeover that will have you talking and focusing on your Divine self!

Spiritual Makeover

Your Spiritual Makeover has come to guide you to awaken. It is an exploration for an open mind seeking higher direction. Think of it as your mentor. It is a wake-up call to imaginative persons who want to spark their intuitiveness and make a difference in creating their world—our world—anew. Overall, it stimulates and empowers rather than preaches “how-to” rules on what “must” be done to “fix” you. Instead of tired, indisputable facts and limited dictated advice on age-old issues, SOULutions: Your Spiritual Makeover goes beyond supplying lessons based on any particular belief or tradition. It takes spiritual themes up a notch as a modern spiritual makeover, to liberate the mind and usher in the next renaissance of consciousness. It utilizes the powerful tool of self-examination questions to move you to delve deep into your own unique life and bring you face-to-face with your authentic self. As a result, you can overcome internal obstacles and reclaim the joy of living a life rich with purpose. A makeover journal is provided after each chapter that contains the very soul-searching questions that have assisted me in my spiritual makeover process to be more personally effective than ever before.

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Your Spiritual Makeover welcomes you wherever you are on your spiritual path. You can start by answering a few of the questions and go back later to take on the others. You can proceed at your own pace while you discover your truth. Many key points and concepts are purposely emphasized and repeated in the text since restating an idea at intervals serve to encourage its affirmation and fuller understanding. There is an old, anonymous Latin saying, “Repetitio est mater studiorum,” that is, literally, “Repetition is the mother of studies.” Each topic within the twelve chapters provides a refreshing, contemporary perspective on familiar spiritual themes and includes anecdotes that are intended to awaken, inspire, comfort, and empower.

Are you among the living beings counting on still living here in the future? If so, plan not only to read this book, plan also to live it! I encourage you to experience how your spiritual makeover can add richness to your life. Embarking on what appears to be the unknown may frighten us. It can initially appear frighteningly unfamiliar. Just who will we be if we were to let go of our ego-based personality and face our shadows? A woman in her late sixties once shared with me that she was afraid to follow her intuition because if she did, she might discover that she had wasted her entire life living in the dark. To me, taking the courage to open to the wisdom of the guiding light of truth, even if for only a moment, is the only life truly worth living! This is the meaning of Socrates’ saying usually translated “The unexamined life is not worth living.” More accurately, it says, “The life without self-reflection is not worth living.”

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