What is Energy: Source of Energy, Consciousness, Manifest

What is Energy? That we state that: “The Physical Universe incorporates two contemporary communication district, which scalar movement raises complex intelligent vigorous resounding vibration design the main constituents of noticeable molecules of issue, this would go against the grain of mainstream scientific understanding and common beliefs. But the ingenious 20th Century Engineer & Scientific Theorist […]

Spiritual Science: The Sources of Consciousness – HolyGautam

What is Spiritual Science? This Spiritual Science advances the case for re-unifying Spirituality with Science to facilitate a paradigm shift towards a more holistic 21st Century Science that aligns with humanity’s expanding consciousness and new knowledge that has emerged from many facets of leading-edge human endeavour over the past five decades, and more. A growing […]

Sun Sign PISCES The Escapist – Traits and Characteristics

Date range: February 19 to March 20 Quote: ‘I Believe‘ Health: Feet, Lymphatic System Characteristics: Idealistic, Spiritual, Emotional, Compassionate, Escapist, Receptive, Self-Sacrificing, Imaginative My friend Mary listens to me as I tell her about my broken heart. Tears swell up inside her eyes and she begins to cry. I know she truly feels my pain and understands my emotions. […]

Sun Sign AQUARIUS The Eccentric – Traits and Characteristics

Traits and Characteristics Date range: January 20 to February 18 Quote: ‘I Know’ Health: Ankles, Shins, Circulatory System Characteristics: Impersonal, Rebellious, Humanitarian, Independent, Rational, Original, Unique, Eccentric, Detached Aquarius, a female teenager decides to dye her hair fluorescent pink and pierces her eyebrow and gets a tongue ring all in one day. When she returns home, her parents are […]

Sun Sign SCORPIO The Secretive One – Traits and Characteristics

Date range: October 23 to November 21 Quote: ‘I Desire‘ Health: Sexual Organs, Rectum, Reproductive System Characteristics: Intense, Secretive, Compulsive, Vindictive, Healer, Subtle, Imaginative, Controlling, Jealous, Deep Sun Sign Scorpio Individuals with the Sun in Scorpio were born someday between the dates of Gregorian calendar month twenty-one through a Gregorian calendar month twenty-two. Scorpios square measure a hard and […]

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